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Marketing that gets more clients – free taster workshop

One Sunderland member Ford Henderson is hosting a free get more clients marketing workshop on Friday 17 May.

Its for business owners who want their marketing to generate, leads, meetings and more clients.

As we all know successful marketing is at the core of a growing business. Ford had been working with business owners for years.

One critical thing he understands and that holds business owners back is that they like to dip in and out of marketing…

  • They start doing proper, effective marketing.
  • So, they get new customers and get busy.
  • So, they spend every hour of the day serving and dealing with those clients.
  • And STOP doing the marketing that brought them IN.
  • Then they suddenly realise their flow of new customers has stopped.
  • So, they dip back into marketing having lost all momentum and start the vicious cycle again.

They’re stuck in the feast and famine rut – never able to seriously grow their business because they’re going round and round in circles…

If this sounds familiar, then you probably recognise that something needs to change quickly.

You need consistent, effective marketing that generates a steady flow of clients.

And HOW do you achieve that?

You need a Marketing System & Plan

A clear, concise structure that’s easy to follow makes the most important business activity that any ambitious business owner needs to do…… marketing

In the free taster marketing workshop on the 17th May, he will walk you through the marketing system that he used to grow a seven-figure business.

AND even give you a marketing system template so you can craft your own in no-time.

The best bit… it’s absolutely free!

So, if you’re ready to get out of the rut of trying to grow your business by randomly dipping in and out book a spot on the free more clients workshop

Register your place for the free workshop below:

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