(Left to right: Simon Grundy, April from Prep And Deliver, Winner of One Sunderland Small business award & Danni Moore from Sunderland’s number one north east breakfast show on 103.4 SunFM )

Prep & Deliver was created by one photo that I posted to my personal Facebook page.

This photo contained six meals that I had prepared for myself to kick start my healthy eating habits after giving birth to my beautiful daughter.

Friends started to send me emails asking if I could cook for them, it was that moment I realised I had obtained the skills to really help people who have limited time. With my chef skills and knowledge I could take away the bore and the stereotypical everyday diet and replace it with a food plan that was realistic and a stepping stone to helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle!

I now surround myself with my lovely, lively team and not only are they my employees they are now friends but most importantly to me, family!!


(Left to right: Danni Moore & Simon Grundy from Sunderland’s number one north east breakfast show on 103.4 SunFM, Nickie Killkenny from NatWest & Rosalind Hughes from Just Caring Legal, runner up )

Rosalind has become particularly interested in adult social care over the years due to her work with the Citizens Advice Bureau and later the care homes department of a large firm of solicitors in Newcastle.

At the Citizens Advice Bureau Rosalind worked with vulnerable clients on welfare benefits, debt matters, family law, employment and housing. She found herself becoming more and more passionate about the issues she was advising on, and especially the injustices she encountered at that time around adult social care.

In her earlier career, Rosalind worked in a legal aid practice carrying out mixed personal injury work and working with victims of domestic violence. She then moved to a large Newcastle firm where she recovered substantial compensation for victims of road traffic accidents and gained immense litigation experience which has formed a solid foundation enabling her to lodge successful NHS Continuing Healthcare appeals on behalf of her clients.

Chris Pipe runner up

(Left to right: Simon Grundy & Danni Moore from Sunderland’s number one north east breakfast show on 103.4 SunFM, Chris Pipe runner up & Nickie Killkenny from NatWest)

Chris Pipe, runner up in the One Sunderland small business award, Director of Planning House is a Charter Town Planning Consultant which is a member of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI), fully trained and professionally qualified. All members of the RTPI are bound by a Code of Professional Conduct setting out required standards of practice and ethics. The Institute requires planning professionals to meet and maintain high standards of competence and conduct themselves in a way that inspires trust and confidence in the profession.




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