How to handle negative PR effectively (FSB Article)

Negative PR can happen to any small business at any time. FSB PR/Crisis Management explain what to do in the situation and how to spin a negative into a positive.


Any company can receive negative PR at some stage in its business lifetime, even if it does everything right. That doesn’t mean you should ignore it if it happens to your company and hope it will go away.

Our experts from FSB PR/Crisis Management share what you can do to counter the effects of negative PR to control bad publicity and show your business in a more positive light.

Understanding negative PR

Negative PR or publicity can take different forms in business, involving harmful published information, which can affect anything from a company’s sales to its reputation.

Different types of negative PR about your business could include:

  • Bad press about your company in the news, online, in newspapers, or on television
  • Poor reviews about your products or services on adviser sites and online forums
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