PAT Testing has never been more important.

Now that the seemingly new-norm for many people is to work from home, effectively you are creating a new work environment within the confines of your own domestic home.  Having spoken to several insurance companies, they have said that it is important that you inform them that you are working from home as they may not pay-out in the unfortunate event that you need to make a claim as your home is now being used for business.  Some insurance companies are also requesting that you have your electrical equipment tested for safety as you would in an office environment.  We would urge that anyone working from home contacts their insurance for some clarity as it may be too late to amend if you do make a claim.  Please note all insurance companies are different and each will provide their own guidance and some may charge a fee to amend your policy.

Additionally, if your working from home on behalf of a company that has provided your equipment to enable you to work from home, contact them as they may be liable to have your equipment PAT tested as the due dilligence would lie with them.

Finally, the wiring regulations recomend that workplace equipment is tested every 12-24 months depending on: the item, how much use it gets and how portable the item is.  For example, items such as floor standing catering equipment, fridges, washers, server & network cabinets and other large pieces of equipment are tested every 24 months however, extension leads, PCs, Laptops, Printers, laminators, kettles, hand tools etc. that are used and frequently moved should be checked periodically and tested every 12 months.

Any workplace that has been closed for a prolonged period of time, due to the lockdown or any other reason and has reopened or is planning to re-open should also consider having their work place equipment PAT tested to ensure it is safe for the return of your employees.

Please be safe in this ever changing world

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